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Crab Time!

Mar 02, 2009
Though I read the dialogue on my ice when he ran the worlds, it's been a while. So, my myth reads it as well. There is just a gap between the end of the Science Center and the Crustacian Empire. Edith Benchley sends us into the Solarium, but the Quest Helper arrow leads us to the Crustacian Empire. Perhaps she tells us that the crabs have hoarded the last of the pieces to the Solarium, and will only return it once we have come to their aid?

Samuel Titanfist, 95
Malorn Mistweave, 65
Hunter Soulshard, 16
Talon Stormsea, 7

Mar 02, 2009
Please note, I just finished this area on my myth. And even though they do repair the Solarium Portal, can this be included in the dialogue?