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May 31, 2009
Once again hit three times by Kracken no time to sheild or heal or hit, someone has not explained to me how this is competition. It is frustrating and discouraging as this marks third day I am constantly killed. My next move will be to just stop playing because it is not competition but frustration and dissapointment. Been here a year and will not stay any longer than my sub date. Those out there wanting competition you have brought nothing but frustration on us all.
Because first off you have not explained to me how getting killed just standing there unable to fight or defend is competitive. If i belonged to any game that didnt allow me to sheild heal or fight and just stand and be killed then I would have to look around for something that gives me a fighting chance. Loved this game for a long time but now it is replaced by frustration and dissapointment. No love anymore, it is a fight to get myself to come online and when I do I have no success so time to look around.
Game, You made me this way I didnt get here by myself. Once a big lover of the game, now I hate even going here online because I know I will not have a fighting chance. As BB King says, The thrill is gone, and the love has gone away..............