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"Collecting" Quests

Mar 27, 2010
Hi guys! I'm having a little bit of trouble on collecting things quests in Celestia. I haven't had this issue in any other worlds. In other worlds, it would take me about one or two battles to collect everything i need. Right now, I'm in The Grotto and have the Fishing Pieces quest. I have to collect three ancient piece from voltic eels. I've already fought in three battles for a total of six eels and I still haven't gotten one piece. I have another quest in Celestia and I had to collect four sealants from Crustacean Pincers. I defeated 26 of them just to get four things from them. It would only take me about six in other worlds. Are anybody else having to fight so many to get so little?

Jul 03, 2010
As with any of the other worlds there are some quests that you must collect that just don't seem to want to co-operate with you. I just had to fight spiders in Mooshu for about an hour to collect a few of them. Don't even get me started on the Fire Elves, lol.

Celestia monsters seem a little more of a chore I think because they start out with pretty good health, a ton of pips and they can really cause you some damage, depending on your level and way you play defeat is common. In the end you ain't seen nothing yet, wait till you have to battle those pesky Water Matrons over and over again, not only because of no collects but because they are in several quests also for them in that area.

Hang in there, slog it out and get er done then move on, so many other quests are kill - collect that it may actually balance out in the end. We have decided these are stop and smell the roses times, clearly racing from beginning to end of the game may not be a great idea?