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Collecting missions

Mar 16, 2011
The collecting missions are too annoying in celestia. I constantly have to keep fighting enemies over and over without collecting 1 item. It seems the only way for me to beat them is to have 2 more friends by my side to fight 3 on 4. Then when you beat it you only get 1 or 2 of the items you need to complete the missions. i am a lvl 56 death wizard named Andrew Deathhunter and i am working on a quest in the floating land where i have to beat some of those death walking trees to collect 3 sacred bark and beat some rubble rousers to collect 3 stones. contact me with the boards and we'll set up some date day and realm to play and beat the quest. Please help!

Jul 07, 2009
Hi, I can help you with that. I need to do the same thing :-)! How does Imp on Wed (20th) at 2:00pm sound? I will be next to Harly.

Mark DreamBreeze
54 strom

See you soon