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CL is to hard

Feb 15, 2009
This new world is to hard and critical hits have ruined the game. A boss killed me in one hit with a critical hit and I am tired of all this cheating! IT'S TO HARD!

May 20, 2010
Jun 25, 2009
bravevline wrote:
This new world is to hard and critical hits have ruined the game. A boss killed me in one hit with a critical hit and I am tired of all this cheating! IT'S TO HARD!

calm down there if you need help i can help ya trust me i've been through the same process if criticals are beating you get equipment that gives good stats for your school and that it says -30 critical rate it means you have 30% of blocking the critical easy right? if you think bosses in CL were to hard wait until you face estrakir gloomthorn he in my opinion is the boss that cheats the most in this game you face him and tell me if that was to easy or not trust me i've defeated him several times now

tell me what school you are and i'll build you a strategy list for your school

hunter legendwraith level54 necromancer

May 27, 2009
There are harder parts and there are easier parts. If you don't keep trying, you won't ever accomplish it, and some of the places you get to are just beautiful! Play in crowded realms and find other wizards with the same quest so that you can play together.

Apr 18, 2010
I just deal with it. its a fun game and i think the difficulty just makes it better.....

Feb 09, 2009
Mar 13, 2010
Same for me. It made me want to quit the game for good. CL is too hard with all the new spells and bosses. I know how you feel. Just take a break and come back when you are ready again.

Morgan Lifegem
lvl 50 life wiz

:-D :-D :D

Mar 18, 2010
I have a love/hate thing with Celestia.

There are good guides available over on wizard101central. They have helped me so much. There are posts on strategy and deck setup. Celestia requires a new way of doing things.

My Life made it level 57 last night. I want Forest Lord so bad. That is my goal. I keep going back so I can get it.

My friends are my most valuable asset in CL. I could not go anywhere without their help.

I have really changed my deck setup. I use a smaller deck and customize it to each battle. I alternate between a healing/damage deck and a healing only deck.

I also find taking a break helps me so much. I have two lower level wizards I am bringing up. I also have been crafting for training points. I also go help friends. Take a break then come back and take another little bite out of Celestia. Eventually, we will get through it.

If I can do it so can you. I am not the best on strategy. I am learning though.


Sep 05, 2009
I think that though the bosses are hard, i think that the hardest thing about celestia is that it takes like six battles to get something. like in the district of the stars, it takes forever just to get one mossaic tile. IT'S NOT WORTH THE EFFORT. plus, you die all the time without any help.