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Chests in Celestia = Chests in Wizard City

Jun 07, 2012
So I gathered a couple of chests in Celestia, or Stormriven Hall to be exact.
I gathered lots of chests, maybe 7, and 3 of them had really unreasonable gold amount.
One of them had 12 gold in it, the second had 11, and the third had 8.
I was like, woah, you can get the same amount in a treasure chest in triton avenue!
Is it a bug, or what?
I was pretty disappointed when I opened the treasure chests, but oh well

Aug 23, 2009
I doubt it is a bug; what most likely what happened is you got to the chests shortly after they spawned, so reward doesn't have time to build to normal level, similar to reagents the longer is sits unharvested the greater the reward.