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celestia/marleybone quest from storm teacher

Jan 22, 2012
so theres this celestia/marleybone quest that u get when u get into celestia from the storm teacher and so i did it up till the tower u have to doin marleybone but the tower is wayyy to hard any tips>?

Mar 12, 2010
This is a "duplicate" post. I just answered this question in the "Marleybone" section.

The Tower in Marleybone is "not required". You can still do that quest if you want to, but you don't need it to get to Celestia.

Prospector Zeke said that Players who have reached level 48 and completed the Dragonspyre quest "The Final Countdown" should speak to Merle Ambrose for more information about Celestia.

Did you talk to Merle Ambrose. He willl send you to Celestia, if you have done what Zeke said.

Hope this helps.

NOTE: if you still want to do the Tower in Marleybone, the fansites have helpful guides on things like this. Here is one link to get you started: