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Celestia, worth effort?

May 31, 2009
I remember my storm completeing GH. He was slow to level because of the low XP there so I never returned with my future wizards to play. I will go there and help, but to quest the game , no.
Today in Celestia, I watched as opponents started their play with 6 pips, three power pips. I watched as I was a Grandmaster starting with a white pip and a power pip, three pips, Half of what my opponents had. I had to kill 3 opponents for the quest and nine opponents later i have credit for 2.
I guess after i get my two wizards through Celistia, they will be the last. I will start stopping my future wizards at Malistaire. Delete them and start a new. Even though this is a kids game, I as an adult like playing it, but not when it goes one sided. I have not been to the recent new addition to the game. My storm that has completed the entire game I may send him and see what it is like. But if it is opponents with 6 pips and me three then tell me now so I can save my time......... Competition is one thing, Being out numbered and out classed is another. Want it more fair? Give me 6 pips and my opponents 6 pips. Let them hit like me but use converts, and out of school pips. No use in giving me Low damage if the playing field is fair.......

Mar 27, 2010
Feb 14, 2010
Well it may not be easy starting out in Celestia but you level up fast and get good treasure. By the time you make it through you are Legendary so yeah, I would say it is definitely worth it.

Jul 05, 2009
Your facts are largely wrong. Only bosses start from 6-8 pips. All the regular people have 4 pips. You can have 4 pips if you get a better power pip percentage. Plus, it is supposed to be hard. If you are too stubborn to face a challenge, then by all means, stop at Malistaire. But Celestia is fun, and gives a ton of worthwhile stuff. Especially the extra 10 levels.