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Celestia walkers of turbulent tales question?

Dec 05, 2011
I have a simple question on weather me being a storm wizard and my opposite being myth i would like to know if i were to use a convert or storm prism on a enemy weather the armor would boost my now myth attack by the 14 percent myth damage buff. AND AS WELL I need to know what enemy school has the most critical chance in celestia mobs and bosses.

Sep 19, 2013
Nope on the myth boost. Here's a breakdown of what happens when you cast:
1. You cast the spell, gear damage boost is added.
2. The spell hits the prism and converts to Myth.
3. The spell hits the enemy.

Gear damage boost phase is before the prism, the spell doesn't go back and double dip. If you're a Storm/Myth wizard, they'll be useful. If not, find some that complement both your school and your secondary school.