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Celestia too hard to solo

May 21, 2010
I want to be able to solo Celestia, and my friends are never on or don't want to help me. PLEASE make it a bit easier ):

Jan 01, 2010
CL isn't too difficult to solo. My life is in Stormriven, balance is on the Island and death is in district of stars. Storm is just getting started. But all of them are able to solo mobs and bosses.

Generally for the "collect x number of y thing" quests, I go to a busy realm and partner with others just because it is easier to get what you need if you have more enemies; but otherwise I haven't found anything to be impossible (though balance against the balance bosses is tricky).

So, you can definitely solo. Just figure out how each enemy attacks and respond accordingly. If you die a few times, no big deal. CL is by far my favorite world, primarily because the enemies are harder and actually use spells that make sense for their level and school. It makes it much more interesting!!! Have fun!