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Celestia spells removed from Archivist

Mar 16, 2010
MUST READ! Wow all you people arent smart. They took the Draconinan( i forgot how to spell it)out of the Archivist cause it was a too powerful spell for people in early Celestia.And the Star,Sun,and Moon spells are all over Celestia.Geez always people WONT LISTEN to the automatic updates from KI so I cant believe you WONT LISTE TO KI!they took out more then polymorphs....

but untill they can limit the use of those spells to Celestia it was the right thing to do

NO THEY DIDNT! this is one of the million people who dont read carefully.

Feb 25, 2010
OFxLedzeplin wrote:
BetaYuya wrote:
i didn't meen for it to sound mean, and didn't meen it in that way, but i am sorry if it looked like it :(

i'll just start over

a bug the end, quick and to the point

Thanks for the clarification on your thoughts, saying something to the effect of "I think I know what it is, and if its what I think its really really bad, so I cant tell you" wasnt a very informative or helpful approach.

Some of the spells mentioned as being removed were also ingredients in Crafting quests, not likely the reason, but definately one way this impacted me. If its related to PVP, I personally am very tired of PVP related issues effecting the rest of the game. Why "fix" the whole game when PVP is where the problem exists? FIX PVP!!!! Wont get any complaints from me, never have, and never will enter the PVP arena in this game. No interest.

Happy Wizarding!!!

I agree with this person. Too many "problems" that have been "fixed" have been solely a problem in the pvp arena, and not in the rest of the game. While I am a fan of fixing wild bolt (for example) in the pvp, it would definitely have come in handy, as was, against some high health bosses. It seems like the vast majority of bosses in CL cheat and players can use all the help they can get against them. Polymorphs also come in handy against these bosses.
So, maybe, instead of fixing the spells in the rest of the spiral for the pvp complainers, perhaps KI could just fix them in pvp for the pvp complainers. I doubt they complained when a teammate saved their hides with a wild bolt or polymorph against a boss.

Apr 18, 2010
BetaYuya wrote:
norr4687, yes really, i could call it "um", one of the largest scale exploit bugs i ever seen in this game, and if any info about this will ever be spoken here on this site about THAT, it will come from support not me, and not just a pvp issue, but something not intended, i would call it a sever issue bug.

that's kinda why i felt the need to say it, and "um" not going to say what it was for the reason that if a few of these "strays" are still floating around, that "um" will not be an issue for those trying to enjoy the pvp and yes, the pve also the was IT was intended.

but if this message is making it through the filter, then they must know the same thing, and know i'm trying to help explain without giving away some problem that anyone would try to use to there advantige and basicly cheat
(real bug cheating)

who's to say they might add them again after they fixed that issue, hey for all we know they might re add them all, and add them to WC and krock libraries to lol, but i think they are fixing a very not intended bug if anything, and i DO know there is one.

but till they choose to add some back or fix the bug and add them all, or choose it was best to leave them out still AND fix this bug, we won't be seeing them for a while ether way ...

why dont you just say what it is????????????? whats the big deal wiht saying what it is??????????????