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Celestia Spells

Jun 02, 2009
Hello, i was just wondering where can i get the gargantuan spell?

its not at the sun/star/moon teacher. last time i checked it, it was full with spells. new polymorphs.

Now all i can see is +15% and -15% for 4 rounds and 2 polymorphs.

Is this a bug or what???


P.S how come i cant put tough on scarcrow?

May 27, 2010
for some reason KI moved most of the spells to other trainers(i have no clue why though) and they can be found in the stellarium, lunarium, floating land, stormriven, and stormriven hall.

As to why you cant use gargantuan on scarecrow is simple, only spells considered as damage spells can use them, like efreet, leviathan, snow angel, storm lord, frost giant and so on, scarecrow is a steal health spell so it takes the health and gives it to you so it would make sense that it cant use it on scarecrow

Jul 27, 2009
you can not buy it
you can not trans mut one
you can not make one

for all intent purposes it no longer exist