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Celestia or Wintertusk?

Mar 16, 2011
I am a lvl 56 death in celestia and i just beat the lunarium [only because i had really good friends!] but i haven't been working in GH that much to get into wintertusk. I'm still stuck at ravenscar. Should I start working to get to wintertusk or should I keep going in celestia?

Oct 22, 2011
Either way will be just fine. Personally, I think Wintertusk is harder than Celestia. It's easier for some schools than others.

How about doing a little bit in each? When one gets tough or a bit boring (like fighting the same mob over and over again to collect something), go over to the other world to do a couple of things. It breaks up the tedium.

You're at a good level for both Celestia and Ravenscar, because you're able to have some of that gear with critical, plus other better statistics.

Hope this helps!


Mar 16, 2011
Feb 29, 2012
I would say work your way through WT. The drops are really good, albeit at a lower rate.
Both my wife and I did WT to get to craft our gear. That has helped with Celestia a ton.
The XP, graphics, and reagents are also fantastic in WT. I did not seem to have endless defeat and collect quests there as well. I am in Celestia now and am having a tough time grinding through it. Not for the challenge, just the time needed to complete the defeat and collect quests.
Thinking back, I think that doing parts of each would have helped with that.

Oct 24, 2010
Well if you want great gear then try WT, or if you want to lvl up more often then try CT. Its your choice.