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Celestia Level 54 Balance Gear

Jan 15, 2011
Ok so I am level 54 balance and I have level 54 gear but, I dont think I have the best. Could anyone tell me what the name and stats of the best level 54 Balance gear??? If so that would be amamzing!!

~ Elizabeth Stormcather level 54 Balance

Feb 14, 2010
IMO the level 52 and 54 gear is pretty weak.
(At least the stuff commonly found at the bazaar. IDK if there is better gear available from boss drops but even if there were who would bother farming for it when you level up so fast anyway?)
The level 50 gear is sufficient until you get to level 56. Grab a new wand at level 55, and a new athame and ring at level 56.
The crafted gear in Wintertusk is for Level 56 and is as good as anything else except maybe the Legendary gear from Waterworks.

*There are user guides for gear available at wizard101central.com if you want to compare the stats on the equipment. Not sure if they detail level 54 gear but if they don't then it probably isn't worth using.