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Celestia is being invaded by dogs and noobs

Aug 18, 2010
catboy2197 wrote:
willwolf64 wrote:
Okay, Celestia has been invaded by 2 different types of groups: Marleybone dogs and lower level Wizards!

The Marleybone dogs are really taking over the entire Spiral. They are already in 4 out of 7 worlds of the spiral. The only one that can be acceptional is Marleybone. They spend their time exploring in Celestia and Krokotopia. Do the Manders, Celestians, or Crustaceans ever get annyed with them? Also, there are 2 dogs in Wizard City: The librarian and the Balance instructor. They really need to keep their dirty paws off of other creatures' property!

Secondly, of course since Celestia come out, everyone has to stop what they're doing and see it! "Oooohhhhhh! Your in Celestia?" one noob asks. If you wanna explore a world, than unlock the next one! And the next one. And the next one. And you'll finally get to Celestia. Just think of it like working hard to explore new worlds. Here's what usually happens when a lower level ports to a Grandmaster.

Noob: Oh! Your in Celestia?

Grand: Yes. Please don't port.

*Noob ports to Celestia*

*Another enemy comes*

Grand: I told you not to port! GREAT! Now another one came! Gee, thanks a lot!

Noob: Sorry.

*Noob flees*

*Noob (now in Celestia Base Camp) puts a mark down*

Grand: Ugh.

*Grand deletes noob friend and turns off teleports*

Now, lower levels, if you REALLY want to go to Celestia, but not go into a battle, at least make sure your friend in Celestia is in Celestia Base Camp.


NOOO! Why do you care if lower levels go to Celestia? I don't think they should be unable to teleport to Celestia. And no, it's not because I can't go there. I made it to Celestia.

But I sort of agree with you about the dogs.

I don't agree with banning dogs or lower levels! I'm a level 35 and worked REALLY hard to get to that level! Why does it matter if lower levels like me go to worlds they haven't unlocked yet? And the reason I don't agree with banning the dogs is because Marleybone is my favorite world! You shouldn't be rude to lower levels or the dogs!

Aug 18, 2010
willwolf64 wrote:
You think the high levels are ruining the fun? Wow. Ever even think how we feel about having our traps wasted? Being killed because of another monster coming in the battle?

In my book, noobs are now people who go to worlds they shouldn't be in. They can't even explore a lot because they have to unlock it all. Why don't they just work their way there like everyone else? Because they are LAZY!

Don't pull that excuse about "Wouldn't YOU want to explore Celestia too?". They don't even know about those untold secrets waiting ahead of them in Marleybone or Krokotopia if they just keep focusing on Celestia, a world that they wont be ready for until they beat the 5 before it.

NOW, I hope I proved a point. :-)

Ok. Now I agree. I'm a level 35. If I keep focusing about getting to the worlds ahead of me and don't concentrate on my current world, I may never finish the world I'm in! Oh ya and sorry about complaining so much earlier. :)

Apr 20, 2009
well we have invaded worlds too i mean think about it. there are hundreds of wizards in each world attacking the natives of that world and such
so a lot more wizards than dogs, us wizards are the evil ones haha

May 22, 2009
I agree 100% about the noobs, its fine that they want to check thins out but they really need to check if your fighting or not :-o

Jun 07, 2010
Doudou any level lower then the required level to go to celestia is a noob i think if your at cl you should be able to port to other people in cl a level 9 ported to me why i was fighting cuthalla and starts using mainly imp and fire cat witch was REALLY annoying to start of with then when i say please stop that and explain why he starts calling me a noob! then after the battle to make things worse he declares he has won a spinyfish and continues calling me a noob.i know have 5 spinyfishes and i never ever went to a world above my level when completing the game.sure if i was in krokotopia i would visit the krokosphinx but never anything more and i tried to keep out of other peoples battles unless they ask for my help. cl just makes this worse because a noob has no critical no block the level 9 didnt even have a rank 4 spell please fix this serious problem KI.thx