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Celestia and Enemy pips.

Sep 20, 2008
I am already past the initial shock when arriving in Celestia and seeing the enemy start with 4 pips,when most a player can start with is 2.I am of course talking pips not power pips included as the enemy can actually start with 8 to our 4.

It really has nothing to do with a challenge it has more to do with the character advancing players come accustomed to.You see in gaming players like to feel like they are advancing their player,hence working to get that +1 staff and power pip gear.The problem is this Celestia design imo could have take a different approach or challenge than remove the 50 levels of player advancement.
This has removed that power pip gain and that +1 staff players have spent all that time and in cases money to attain.Money aside just the time spent to feel like we are advancing are players is worth a lot to us.

Do i have an idea to make it better?Hmm I haven't really thought of an alternative,i leave that up to kings Isle they usually do a good job,just in this case they imo made a mistake removing everything we achieved so far.Yes i realize they didn't actually remove our advancement but by vaulting the enemy past us .it is the same thing as giving us only 1 power pip chance and the enemy 2,instead of the 2 and 4.

I think perhaps better AI that has the enemy work together a little better would have been a good approach,this way the players keep their 50 levels of achievement but gives the game that little more challenge.

May 08, 2010
Think its not fair that already hard bosses hit you with a strong hit on the first round because of all the pips it gives them like right now i am on the stellariam( sorry for bad spelling) and i triedto do it soloit is hard because i need to wait until l my cards come in my deck when the boss it already hitting me with strong hits; i wouldnt mind but i am a storm wizard i have a little bit of health compared to other schools so it gets annoying getting hit by firezilla and ice kraken every battle abd if they critical it will really make a difference on my health thats why now i am ashamed to say i get help everytime a fight a boss but at least a can take to minions alone please tell me someone else is going through this to i feel like a bad wizard sayin that but its always the first round of the battles that messes me up

Hunter E. Shard
50 Grandmaster Storm Wizard

Jul 23, 2011
You haven't seen anything yet. Just wait til you get to Avalon, and even the common enemies have resist and critical. And, oh yeah, they start with plenty of pips, too. I got defeated in Avalon once by two myth enemies casting back to back earthquakes. That's why you get better xp for the hard worlds.