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cant progress, bosses are op

Mar 25, 2021
level 50 fire, stuck on wildcrag, i get killed first turn most attempts, im in the full celestian totally set. nobody does team up, nobody i asked in game will help me. i used to be able to solo celestia before the stat overhaul update in worse gear. i think kingsisle needs to look into these older worlds difficulty curves because this is just plain unfair. the totally set is around the same stats as the zues set so farming the zues set isnt going to change much of anything.

Mar 25, 2021
update, finally got help, had to wait for someone else to end up on that quest to even remotely stand a chance

Mar 13, 2014
Teamup fills faster during busy hours. Evening on weekdays or afternoons on weekends and holidays (USA time, most players are American). It is slower during odd hours few people are playing. I have occasionally gotten a response by realm switching to a busy realm, running to the teamup kiosk in olde town and then just politely asking for help in chat. Players clustered around the teamup kiosk are usually just looking for someone to help because they are bored and will sometimes respond to a request in chat.

I am working through Celestia myself with a somewhat underlevelled fire wizard (I skipped most side quests). I just wear level 45 gear, level 50 gear isn't worth the trouble of acquiring it IMO. What does help is a good pet. I had no real trouble beating wildcrag. I use a mega enchanted armament that gives me sharpen blade cards plus four quite useful talents (the fifth is pretty lame). Developing good pets is a real PITA but they do make questing, especially solo questing, substantially easier. I like the enchanted armament because the sharpen blade cards are helpful to every school so I can trade the pet between wizards and it still works.

Jan 16, 2010
My advice is, if you haven't done Wintertusk already, do Wintertusk. That gets you access to the crafted Wintertusk gear, which is superior to what you're wearing right now. The problem I've always had with the collected Celestia gear (which my pet has a good time eating) is the lack of health on some of the pieces of gear, and the need to have the entire set (which requires Briskbreeze unless I'm mistaken) to get the bonuses.

Also, pack lots of storm shields and if you're able to find a good healing pet, it would help enormously.

At level 50, to be honest, I always do Wintertusk and the rest of Grizzleheim before I go to Celestia. (I'll go and get the star and sun spells I can, and then go to WT). At least, I get as far as I can without using a ton of crowns minions (which is everything except the last dungeon in WT, which I have soloed with minions, but I used a lot of them on that last battle, which was painful, and that was on a death, but I digress). The gear in Wintertusk is pretty awesome, even the dropped gear, and it gives you a ton of experience. Yes, you'll probably be overleveled by the time you're through, but trust me, the fights will be much, much easier.