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Can't buy polymorph's ?

Jul 26, 2009
So if what I hear is right we cannot buy the polymorph treasure cards because of the low level wizards using them in the p v p arena ?

So we get punished because KI wont put a lvl rerstriction on the zone, WOW i really love this idea.

Here is a suggestion put a lvl restriction on Celestia or in the least put on on the cards so we can buy again. I am trying to do my grandmaster crafting but cannot get the polymorph needed to finish, I have not even gotten any as drops yet and i have finished Celestia.

PLEASE KI dont punish those of us that have not abused the right to purchase these cards, find a solution fast.

May 27, 2009
You can craft the polymorph treants that you need. The recipe is available in the Water Mole village of the Floating Land.

Aug 23, 2009
You can transmute the necessary Treant Polymorph Treasure Cards needed for Grandmaster Artisan Quest, annoying I agree, but a necessary step I had to take to get my GMA badge.

Community Leader
I do not believe the lower levels are the cause of this. I do know any level can use them. I think a great solution would be that make them level specific meaning only level 50+ can use them or buy them. This away anyone who is doing the crafting in Celestia can still get them, and level 50 and above are the only ones to use them.

I still have no issue with lower levels in Celestia.

Jul 26, 2009
The thing is my main point is the fact that KI is punishing us by taking that option away becuase of the lower level wizards mis-using them in the arena. We should not be the ones getting something taken away from us we EARNED the right to be able to purchase them and not have to craft them.