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bug in cl

Oct 28, 2011
there is a bug in cl that needs to be fixed. in the portico i defeated the bosses and it says i missed one can anybody plz fix this glitch :(

You need to give us a great deal more information before we can assist you, young Wizard.

What Quest?
What Boss?
What was the EXACT message you received?
What character did you do this quest on?

Send all that information in an email to support@wizard101.com

Mar 18, 2009
See the following thread. I had the same problem a long time ago (seems it has never been fixed). Anyways there is a work around.


Sep 12, 2009
I agree with Ms. Greyrose. You should post it on here, you might've missed one even though it doesnt look like it :D

Feb 11, 2010
I did the whole portico dungeon and only received xp for 2 of the quests. I don'tknow if it was because i was on a hydra mount or not. I hoped off the hydra mount and activated the protector and it gave me th 17k xp for this and i got another 17k for picking up (if i remember correctly) the moon relic. I've never had this problem before when assisting others with dungeons. So i did not receive around 60k plus xp that i should have. This is on my wizard Mycin Lengentheif. When i re-entered the dungeon for a second time that same night all the xp was cut in half as if i received the xp the first time. I did the first 2 or 3 quest and again did not receive any xp for them again i didnot go in a third time to see if the xp was 0 or not.