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Boss wont engage fight

May 31, 2009
when two players enter a dungeon the helpers will engage fight while boss stands there not engaging, this has happen in both dragonspyre and now Celicia, not just once but several occasions. we have to escape from dungeon and only one enter engage boss then other player port in. the boss seems to not want to be in the fight if there is more than one entering the dungeon.
One dungeon in Dragonspyre, when two players try enter it will place both of you on same entering point and abort your entrance. This happened with two of my wizards and a friend. seems the only entering point in dungeon is from the very first point. it would be nice if the game had a icon where u could just click on it when encountering a bug and then game go to that point and investigate. Like the spell that will cast at end of fight when no opponents are alive.... this has never happen in past that I know of now it is getting to be a regular occurance.
For those that Boss wont engage you in a fight escape out and re-enter, then have a friend port to u when u get the boss engaged.