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best balance cl clothes?help plz

Jul 27, 2009
hey i was wondering what are the best balance cl clothes, i have seen lots of deaths with the eclipse stuff, and ice with the clestian snow stuff and i forget the name of the storm ones sry, but i haven't seen any good balance stuff that a lot of people were so i was just wondering what are the balance clothes for cl so can you guys tell me what they are called,where to find them/buy them and if you know how much health and mana they give
(ps sry i probly spelled a ton wrong)

Aug 03, 2009
This is MY opinion, others may say otherwise, but I use the "SHroud of Resolution," "Malistaire's Tunic of Torment," some lv58 Balance shoes that boost Balance defense, attack, pip and health, "Claw of the Law," "Staff of Stasis/Insightful Spyglass," "Troll Ear Pendant," "Ring of Rare Origins," and "Steelwielder's Metalbound Deck/Resolute Deck." I go for boosting Balance Defense, as the Elemental Shields already block Spec Blasts/Hydras, so the Balance defense is perfect for blocking those Judges.

Apr 07, 2009
There are 2 sets of hat and boots. I'd go with Moon Cover, United Longcoat, and United Shoes myself. They give critical, critical block, resstance to everything but Balance, power pip chance, balance damage, and health. My second choice would be Shroud of Resolution, the best level 58 (could be 56) Balance robe you could find, and Balance level 58 boots that are not the United Shoes. The hat and boots give health, balance boost, balance resist, and pips. The robe's stats will vary depending on which one you chose.

* I prefer the United Longcoat, United Shoes, and Moon Cover, like I said.

**These are all purchasable at the bazaar.

As for Ring and Athame, the best for every school would be the crafted Stellar Signet and Cosmic Kris. They almost double your heal, plus give health and power pip percentage. The second choice would be Sun Kris and Ring of Rare Origins. They give less than half as much heal boost but still give a decent amount. They also give health, mana, and power pip chance. The third choice would be Claw of the Law and Loop of the Lawful. Those give health, power pip chance, and mana.

*The recipes are sold in Crustacean Empire in Celestia

**All of these are buyable at bazaar, but you will probably never see the Stellar Signet or Cosmic Kris there, as they are a pain to craft.

For the Deck, there are three best options. One is the crafted Balance deck, 64 cards and 7 copies. I forget its name. The Second choice is the Celestian Deck, which gives 64 cards, 5 copies of each card. The third choice would be the Versatile Deck/Steelweilder's MetalBound deck, which hold 60 cards, 7 Balance copies.

*I think the best would be the crafted Balance Deck.

** The second and third deck choices' orders could be switched, depending on your play style.

*** These are sometimes at the bazaar.

For the pet, the best option would vary depending on your play style.

For the Amulet, it will also vary depending on your play style.