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Balance in Celestia.

Apr 02, 2011
So when I first made it to Celestia as a Balance Wizard I was level 49, :(
After some work I managed to quest clean up and reach 52. I Promptly Hit the Bazaar and snagged what I thought was better gear.

Side Note: I generally try not to farm bosses for no auction gear due to the fact it is quickly outgrown at least by levels if not time.

I guess my question is what am I doing wrong, in Celestia as a Balance wizard I am having a heck of a time getting things done, quests completed, and enemies killed. I had a workable time in DS and MU and really only had troubles when I face Palmed. Celestia and to a lesser extent Wintertusk are kicking my backside.

I Guess it boils down to, is there something I am missing? some strategy? or do I need to break down and for the first time farm bosses for Equipment and if so Please recommend some.

I am currently gear wise leaning towards Power Pip Chance, and then Health as my two primary focuses. my Deck is basic Zero Pip Blade, Shields, Feign and either Strong (lv52 Sun) Power Nova or Judgment as the case may be. I toyed around with Sandstorm Spam, and Elemental Blade/Trap : Hydra/Spectral Blast to little effect.

May 30, 2009
I had a difficult time getting my balance through CL as well, especially when fighting balance minions and bosses. I often resorted to using judgement to one-hit kill everything (that wasn't balance) individually until I finally got ra because nova just didn't do the job when I was trying to kill something quickly. When I did have to fight balance, I would use my minion to assist with hitting while I bladed myself up to use hydra or spectral blast. I wish those two spells had a little bit more hit-power because it takes quite a while to kill balance due to them using a lottt of elemental shields!