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Sep 02, 2013
OK, so someone out there knows the trick. Can you please, please tell me? There are obviously some really twisted individuals who love playing with our minds on this stuff. It is completely unfair, especially the constant -90% tower shields. The minions are simple, but there has to be a simple way to get a big hit on this guy and down him. Please help me!

OK, so I was able to do this and it did take some time; 6th try I believe. Basically, I got lucky and I hope you do too or bring someone with as described below. After dispatching the minions I was able to hit him hard one time. After that, for some reason, he never shielded again and it took about 4 more rounds of big hits to take him down. Look out afterwards. The next boss does not like damage thrown on him. He will shield. Keep your damage blades to yourself and hit him then. He actually thanks you for it. The last lady loves to throw -50% target on you. Just take your time and she is beatable in 1 try. Thanks

Dec 09, 2010
It's best to do this fight with at least one other person, it is possible to do it solo but it just takes a lot longer.
So the cheat for Astraeus is that he puts up a -90% tower shield every few rounds. He will also from time to time summon his minions. He will only stop casting tower shield when the minions are down (he will not remove it himself, you have to remove it). During this time you should attack big. So get the second person (or yourself) to take care of the minions while you set up for a big attack, when the minions are down unleash your highest attacking spell and hope it defeats him.

If you need any help, or can't find anyone, message me through this thread and and we can arrange a time to meet up.

Hope this helps!