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ARE you kidding me?!

Dec 11, 2008
why do so many wizards "hate" CL i for one love it! I i am a life wizard now at lvl 60 , i grouped up with my old world buddies a fire and death, and we ran thought it liek cake, we for one love the new bosses (in fact we thought the main booses should of had better cheats) i mean we fought the eel that when you do high rank spell you get blasted with fire nova it just made us laugh. and so what you get beat, you dont lose any thing but a walk back to where you started. I for one thing KL did a super job with CL, althought there is a lot of "low lvls" running around here but hey what can ya do. also a lot of people are asking to take the "cheats" away from bosses, well for one the bosses dotn cheat, you fight them on there grounds and you have to play by there "rules" you break any of them rules and you will pay, thats all there is too it. see too many wizards like to jump in battle blade then trap and kill in one hit and move to the next one, however its not that easy in CL and for once you have to use your brain. this is a srategy game thats why they give you 30 sec before you make an attack you need to know what you can do and if you do it what will hapen, easy as that. but my and my firends think CL was not all that hard, me had our run in to bad luck but we pulled though, all you need is team work.

KL you guys did a super job on CL dont let others get ya down, and if your cooking up a new world all i can say is turn up the heat even more then CL :)

(pay no mind to spelling and grammer errors :) )

Hunter ashgem (60) life wizard
"life of the party,lets heal it up"

May 15, 2009
i completely agree,everyone has gotten lazy as of late
it was about time King's Isle put in some harder content
and i keep seeing posts by people who are complaining about it being too hard them to solo, or for them to play with their "family"
but that is the whole point
if they don't like playing in celestia, then fight monsters in dragonspyre and so forth
i am sick and tired of content that is supposed to get you to think about what your doing in a fight not just
blade,blade,hex,feint,attack and win
you need to think about what your casting and how to abide by the special rules these bosses have, not just moan and complain about how its "unfair" and how King's Isle HAS to remove their "cheating"
i DO know for a fact that by the time Christmas comes around things will have calmed down a bit, but i do know that there is a slight ring of truth in the complaints
in celestia these quests where you collect items such as the sealant in the survey camp
the drop rate is extremely low at times and makes it tedious and boring to attempt to do the quest(s)
that would be the only thing i would agree King's Isle needs to raise
other then that things need to go back to the way they were in the test realm
bring back elucidate and gargantuan
bring back the astral spells to the archivist

i KNOW for a fact it was the complaints from the PvPers that caused the removal of them!

Dec 11, 2008
ya i too saw that the astral spells from the archivist are no longer there and yes i am sure it was from pvpers i for one loved them it made being a life a lot easyer when fighting bosses to finnaly able to pack a punch in my attacks but hey , what can ya do.

Jun 14, 2009
I am finding it extremely challenging and loving every second of it. I don't like the get and item quests, but nothings perfect.

I haven't met any GM's that don't seem to like it. The only things have heard are people upset about the lower levels porting in and getting them killed.