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Am I too high a level to be in Celestia?

Jun 14, 2012
actually you should be proud that you are on a high level because maybe everything will be easier for you.

Oct 30, 2011
You call yourself high for the empire place.I had an account with one wizard and he was lvl 73 in crustacean empire.He was a promethean when he was in ghost avalon.Now i pay less attention to side quests.I am now lvl 51 in the pyromancer's tomb.

Aug 18, 2012
I'm level 54 and i'm not even 1/4 done with Dragonspyer. LOL

Jul 16, 2012
Dont worry i finished celestia at level 64. It helped me alot being a higher level for Zafaria

Dolan Griffontalon Legendary Diviner (level 69)

Dec 01, 2012
I have a friend who completed Grizzleheim and Wintertusk right away, so when he was level 55 he was working on MooShu. THAT is too high a level. I think you're safe.

Dec 25, 2009
DragonLady1818 on Feb 21, 2013 wrote:
RavenLady is right. If you are entering CL at this level, it will be a very tough run.

If you have not done Grizz and Wintertusk, it will also make it harder for you to pick up certain spell and pet quests. Any of these that are missed will prevent you from getting the spell and pet quests in later worlds.

There is a lot of advantage to completing Grizz ( a little boring at times) and WinterTusk. The XP in Grizz is not that great but is much better in WT. AND WT is fun.

My balance is a level 65 and just now starting Stormriven in CL. My Life and Fire both entered AV at level 72+. If you have passed up a lot of side quests/worlds, you may want to go back and pick them up. They may seem trivial at the time, but it all adds up.

For those of you that may be running into some issues by being level 49 and 50 and entering CL, please check out the game updates for 2010 and especially 2011. Keep watch on the forums for additional information here and on Wizard101 Central.
Lucky, I don't do side quests at ALL! Never have. Therefore I am level 61 and I JUST entered Zafaria...

Nov 10, 2012
My high level is 66 in the Floating Land. Nah. I don't think you're too high of a level.
Kymma Firestone Legendary
Kymma Owl Apprentice

Nov 22, 2008
I'm lvl 55 and I'm about to get into the grotto think I am to low of a lvl???

Oct 11, 2011
ChampCC101 on Aug 7, 2012 wrote:
Now i'm lvl 65 and i'm in Crustean Empire, should i be in zf yet?
yes you should be in zafaria by now but then since your a higher level it is going to be very easy for you

Feb 05, 2011
I am a life wizard and level 55. I just unlocked Stormriven. I honestly think I am too low of a level!

Aug 03, 2009
Wow that's not bad I was like lvl 63 when I finished CL.

Jun 22, 2009
Im level 55 and in floating land so yeah I'm glad someone else is a high level also

May 12, 2010
Being to much of a high level is a great thing to have because when you complete worlds you won't have to struggle to do side quests to get on to the next world in Zf.
I'm level 58 wizard and I am struggling to get in to Zf

May 17, 2009
trickerer on Jan 20, 2013 wrote:
you are not smart you have to be 50 and up to get to any world above dragonspyre
and if your ahead good as soon as you complete the final quest for that world you can be in the next world instantly
but your in trouble cause your xp will go no where for a while and soon you be at the same rate as others
Actually, you only have to be level 48 and finish the quest "The Final Countdown" to enter Celestia

Jul 04, 2012
No.there is no such thing as being too high for something. My life got in at level 50, but it doesn't matter.

Jul 15, 2012
Well, I was level 48 when I got there, and I went like, oh wow, this is hard! So, I leveled up to get to level 50, and... it was still way too hard, so I just stuck to the side worlds, I won't be surprised if by the time I finish everything it would be STILL hard . Ahem, anyways to answer your question, no level is too high for celestia.

Robert Angleblade
Grandmaster Theurgist