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a theory on magic

Oct 05, 2010
i just read a theory on balance magic on wizard101 central, and it made me wonder, how does astral magic fit in to the triangle of magic. is it a totally diffrent force? i just want to know a bit more about the history

May 04, 2009
Under the tabs at the left side of this page, "See the Game", there is a section for "Schools of Magic", and they have added the astral schools to the triangle. Maybe that will help. :-)

Jun 04, 2009
Easy. Balance connects all schools together, even Astral schools. For that reason, Sun, Moon, and Star have been connectet to Balance. It is in the history, really. Balance was the starting of magic, along with Barbelty ( i dont know if i spelled it wrong). Balance and Barbelty had three sons. Fire, Ice, and Storm. Well, Ice hated Fire and Fire hated Ice. Storm, was almost innocent. He sent raging storms on both of the schools. When they gained power, they hated each other even more. Then started the biggest war ever. Balance created three spirits to calm them. Those spirits were, Life, Death, and Myth. That really back fired on Balance for two reasons. One, Myth hated Storm and Storm hated Myth. Two, Life and Death hated each other. Balance told them to stop fighting so, they killed Balance. Then, the war ended. Balance could see the future, she knew she would be killed by Death and Life. So, she planted seven trees. They loved the trees. Then, the first Headmaster was born, Merle Ambrose. All the schools made professors. And because Balance was killed, there is no REAL Balance professor. All the first ones were killed by natural age, so really, the Balance professor wasn't alone. More professors came throughout time, but in the present the professors are, Moolinda Wu, Malistare, Cyrus Drake, Halestrom Balestom, Dalia Flamea, Lydia Greyrose, and Alhazard. Fire, Ice, and Storm were named The Elements. and Life,Myth, and Death, were named The Spirits. and Balance. Order.

Hope this helped :D

Charles Goldward, Level Sixty Theurgist.
" Heal others, Save others"

Sep 20, 2009
Not quite,
In the beginning, Bartelby and grandmother raven made the first world.
Their children, the titans of fire, ice and storm created ice, fire and storm. The titans gave birth to the Dragons, the Giants and the Tritons who had a war (lead by the titans) that shattered the first world.
Bartleby (and Ambrose) strung together the worlds to form the Spiral.
Somewhere along the path Myth, Life and Death were formed.
The people of the Celestia created the astral schools.
To help free the Manders The kroks of the order of the fang made Balance magic.