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2-Pip Wands Please!

Aug 03, 2009
234man wrote:
But know remember when we were in marlybone we got that staff that gave one pip and still in mooshu they gave one pips(the mooshu swords dont count since those are wicked hard to get) and not until dragonspyre we got one POWER pip but know would it give one pip and power pip? For me that seems fair since even if you start with a power pip you only get a max of 5 pips in the beginning so you need the good sun spell to take off the 2 pips of the rank 7 spell to make it 5 plus you wont get hit with the rank 8 spell until the next round even if they take off 2 pips of it your still one pip short so you at least have a chance to shield.

I like the idea, but imagine this:
4v4 PvP
Round 1. One team uses:
Storm Lord
Frost Giant
Fire Dragon
Power Nova

Storm Lord
Storm Lord
Storm Lord
Storm Lord

That's the potential for 1-turn victories before the other side can even act.