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Yak Long Count too easy!

May 24, 2009
I got the quest in Saltwater Swamp to fight Yak Long Count and I was very, very disappointed. This fight was beyond easy, and when I say easy I mean Dragonspyre easy. Aside from the health of the boss, I wasn't challenged at all. All they did was spam me with Phoenix, Minotaur, and Weakness and that was it. There have been a lot of players complaining about the game being too hard, but come on. This is insane. I even replied about this on another message board. I leave for one week and when I come back, the challenges in this game have suddenly dropped. Like I said before, if you make the game hard, the casual players dislike it. If you make the game easy, the advanced players like myself dislike it. What happened to the challenging boss fights that I had just gotten into the rhythm of fighting? And in just a week, too. It was not this easy before, I'd like it to be challenging again, please. This really disappoints me.

-Brianna SpiritBreeze, Level 82 Theurgist