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Why was azteca so hard to solo

May 10, 2015
I found that constantly Azteca was hard to solo while khrysalis is easy so far, i've soloed most of the bosses ( only had trouble with one ) and it was that boss that spams frostbite. khyrsalis is so easy comparted to the previous world and some people might be saying" well youre in the start " Ive learnt shadow magic so im not exactly new. Did anybody else struggle with this?

Jul 27, 2013
I've heard that Azteca bosses have one of the most highest amounts of health in the game. They also critical a lot, and they often critical block, making it harder.

Khrysalis on the other hand, I never had a problem with some of the bosses, and I have shadow. They don't block as much or have as much health (for some of then in part 1 I think).

I really disliked Azteca as I constantly waited for team-up, and people always left right after the timer was about to end. The school solos are very difficult, as well. Clemente Moraga is literally the first boss where I got henchman and died. It's just too hard.

I also believe the reason why Khrysalis is easier is becausd people probably complained about the difficulty of Azteca. Maybe that answers your question.

Saffron Moonwalker Lvl 97

Jan 18, 2010
Azteca isn't necessarily hard to solo, it's more annoying given the length of the world and a couple of the quests.
The story is nice and I'm a huge fan of Dinosaurs so I guess these two factors kept me pushing as I was questing my wizards here.

Now, bosses do not critical a lot, they just happen to critical more often than the ones in Avalon do and don't worry, you won't be blocking most of them, so ensure you defend adequately. A Critical Storm Owl hurts!

The school solo's are also not to difficult, they just required adequate preparation and gear. Many instances within the upcoming worlds are solo instances, so this is kinda like the Game preparing you for what's to come.

Note, the worlds should get harder, not easier.

Good Luck.