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unclear directions

May 31, 2009
shame game can not be more clear as to where a place is located. I have spent a lot of time just trying to find floating mountains, i know they are around alto, alto somewhere. i stop searching after 2 hours of nothing. If you think game search is good help, try researching floating mountains and see what you get. Game needs better directions to its maps and how and where to access. Looks to be a jumbled up mess to me.

Sep 17, 2012
It's actually pretty clear on that one. You go through the Petal Door in Alto Alto. Once you have been there, you can use the teleporter from Three Points, it's the first one when you enter. If you follow the story quests you'll unlock the gate and be pointed there. When you arrive in Alto Alto, there's the Fire mobs and there's a teleporter that goes back to Three Points. If you are facing the teleporter, to the left is a ramp up and the Petal Door is right there. If you can't go up it, you aren't done with Alto yet.