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Too short?

Jan 07, 2013
I just finished AZ yesterday and I've got to say, I'm surprised. With the almost constant running back and to different areas, I didn't feel as if they were really complete. Unlike worlds like Mooshu where you finish an area and you're done with it for the rest of the game, AZ quests have you go to areas you accessed when you first got there. Besides, it was a little tedious keeping up with the storyline, so that could be a factor. Any comments?

Jul 10, 2009
I think this is something Wiz has borrowed/stolen from Pirate101. In Pirates, there are quests where you go back worlds, and one of the worlds only has one skyway and three areas because of that. I didn't personally notice this when I was questing through AZ, partially because I did it so slowly.I agree that the storyline is a bit hard to keep up with.

Haley MoonHeart, Innate Shadowmancer

Dec 18, 2009
I have gotten so confused trying to follow the storyline. One moment, I am a peacekeeper between birds and dinosaurs protecting the birds' eggs and then the next minute, I am fighting birds just to figure out who they are working for. The storyline is a bit confusing and the running between places is too much. They should of done it like other worlds, but I know that Azteca is different than other worlds for other reasons as well.

From, Diana Swiftfountain, lvl 87,