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Tilizoc Stone Cloud

Jul 03, 2018
Hello everyone, I have a question that I hope my fellow life wizards could assist me with.

I am a level 92 wizard who has to defeat Tilizoc Stone Cloud for the level 88 spell. When going in, it is a 3-on-1 solo fight. The boss is ice and the two minions are myth. At times, I can kill the two minions with no problem, but I am getting frustrated with the boss! I've heard that if you kill the minions first then die, only the boss comes back. That happened to me last night. Now, where my frustration comes in is once it's just the boss and I, I die and when I port back to the area, the boss and the two minions are there!

I've used so many feint tc's, my normal solo boss deck, changing between pets that heal or gives me an extra hit/blade, etc. and still seem to fail.

Could someone please tell me what I am doing wrong?

Yours truly,

Jan 18, 2010

Now Tilizoc Stone Cloud can be a tricky boss as he uses both and spells interchangeably as he has masteries of both school.

Now, as a , here is what I recommend you do;

Go First - Go first in the battle. It helps a lot since you're already outnumbered. If you go second, restart the match by quitting and entering the cave again.

Deck Setup - You seem to have the right idea by having a small deck. But what cards are actually inside this deck? For this purpose, you don't need a vast array of cards. So, here is what I suggest having inside your deck for this mob battle;
  • 3 Lifeblades
  • 2 Spiritual Blades
  • 2 Feints
  • 1 Lifetrap (Optional)
  • 3 Sharpen Blades
  • 1 Potent Trap
  • 3 Forest Lords
  • 4 Gargantuans/Colossal (if you know it).
  • 2 Devotions
  • 2 Satyrs
  • 1 Pixie
  • 2 Seraphs

Treasure/Side Deck;
  • 2 Fortifies/Conviction
  • 2 Lifeblade Treasures
  • 2 Feint Treasures

Strategy: This is the idea here. Your ultimate aim is to use a well packed Forest Lord taking down both minions simultaneously while heaving damaging (if not defeating the boss) as well. Now, to do this, on your first round, you may want to either cast Conviction (to ward you of any stun spells) OR Fortify.
Once you survive the onslaught of the mobs attacks, begin preparing.
I recommend using your feint spells first (on the boss) in case the mobs try using earthquake (use their pip number to try to predict the spells they might use).
After you've used at least two different forms of feint on the boss, then you can proceed to blade up using all the blades you've available to you.
If your aura expires, use another, possibly fortify to help ward off the attacks. Heal if necessary.
Once you've your blades orbiting you, try using devotion and unleash your enchanted forest lord.
The spell should do massive damage on your opponents.

Cleaning Up - If, for some reason, the boss survives, a well timed seraph should finish him up.

Henchmen - If you've crowns, you can always use henchmen to aid you. You don't need any above the level of 70 really, or even 60 as those levels can work fine for your opponents. If that's the case, try using the and/or ones.

Good Luck!