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Soloing need help

Aug 15, 2012
In the quest where you have to defeat that boss to get the spell furnace and all of that? That is way too hard. It is hard because I have to solo it. I am not very good with soloing. I just can't beat the boss! Please give me advice on how to defeat this boss. I am fire wizard so it is really hard. Advice please!

Jul 24, 2015
Wanadi has 18,000 health and a couple of helpers with 2,500 health each. This looks like a mean one!

His helpers are fire school, which makes your fight a tricky one. They have hefty resistance to fire, but a handy vulnerability to ice. A mass prism and enchanted meteor strike backed by a couple of blades should do the trick. As with any fight, you'll need to go first on this one - and will need some luck to avoid getting stunned or Efreeti'd early on.

Once the helpers are dead, protect yourself and heal up some while you get ready to take down the boss. I'm a believer in stacking traps such as feint. Put a lot of Mythic Shields and Satyrs into your sideboard to help with healing, plus a feint TC or two.