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Soloing Azteca?

Nov 20, 2011
Level 82 Storm
I have been able to go alone through each world, only having to have help when it was a difficult dungeon or a long and tedious tower. Obviously, the smaller worlds were both easier and harder for Storm. The low health and accuracy killed me a lot, but the strong spells and high damage saved me a few times. Celestia was probably the easiest world because of the introduction of Critical.

Zafaria was probably easy-enough because of Skyscream Gear.

Avalon was where things began to get difficult. I managed to get through most of the world without help, but I had one of my friends help me throughout the ending of the world. I decided to give Azteca the benefit of the doubt and began to solo once more.
Regular fights are no issue. I just blade and hit, blade and hit, blade and hit, heal when necessary.
Boss fights are a completely other story. I always dreaded going to see a boss, because of my lower health and pip chance. I got through the first place, the Zocalo(?), without too many problems. I had stopped playing with that character for a few months because she had to face a boss that she couldn't kill. I ended up doing it with a Crown-bought Henchmen.

I was wondering if anyone had some kind of suggestion when it came to soloing Azteca? Should I try for a one-hit kill on boss fights, or go for a slower approach? Please and thank you!

Jun 13, 2013
Your boss fights should depend on your style of playing, but I personally recommend 1 hit kills. Just blade up and hit. If its easier for you, try killing the minions first so you only have target to worry about.
Here are some tips:

Get the Skyscream gear if you have not already

Train ice to tower shield

Sidequest so you are a couple levels higher than your location

Craft, you can get better gear if the Skyscream does not help

I hope this helps some, good luck!