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Shemezan Blightmark.

May 19, 2014
Well if ya did Shemezan Blightmark already ya know what's gonna hit.

So i got up and thought it's just a simple find a trail and go back to chantico.


Find this trail and go to a cave or a clearing or whatever. Not really surprised because this happened in other areas (Mangrove Marsh) So i set my deck up for what i was thinking was gonna be a 1v1 i walk in and i have to fight TWO
BOSSES.1v1 with bosses in Azteca is already somewhat hard so have two of them capped at 20k HP? No thanks.

To be honest this is somewhat heck to solo. You wont survive that long seeing how many pips they start with. One of them can Mana Burn and Nova. The other can just keep Spamming Rebirth and giving Absorbs and Armors.

So i came out used Team Up. Couldn't find not even ONE person. I don't blame them,the dungeon is just too hard.

May 06, 2011
I'd suggest bringing along a friend.

When I got to Shemezan Blightmark, I was shocked as well to see that there was another boss. I had a friend pushing me to get to Xibalba, and with her, everything that felt like it would be as hard as heck. Actually, it turned out to be super easy. You should ask a friend to help, or buy a henchman to accompany you.

(If you have no crowns, then you can do Kingsisle trivia. Also, I suggest Jabari Longspear, the life henchman. It's worth the 70 crowns!)