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Ruined Azteca?

Nov 23, 2013
Hi there!

I was wondering will we ever be able to see what Azteca would look like after Xibalba hit. When wizards who have finished Azteca go there, all we see is meteors crashing into the ground. What I propose is that KingsIsle show 2 parts of the world. So when we go to the spiral door, it will show Azteca as the main tab, then as sub tabs show Old Azteca and Ruined Azteca. This can also be for wizards who have finished Avalon; they would be able to see normal Avalon, and then a glorious avalon after it has been restored known as Restored Avalon. Lots of other worlds can have this as us wizards do restore peace to the land! Dragonspyre Academy could maybe become a place for wizards to learn magic just like how we have Ravenwood, the Arcanum and the Wysteria school of learning.

Thank you for reading and please give me your opinions

Mar 31, 2009
I think that it might all be too complicated to be messing with Time in Spiral Doors. We will leave the time travel to the Professor. You should complete the 5 B.O.X.E.S. Event if you want to play around with Time Travel!