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Purifying the King's Stone in White Pyramid

Jun 30, 2009

Some have boasted that Azteca can be done a minimum of 2 days, but I don't see how unless Prometheans had obliterated all of the Hungry Dead like they were standing still.

I would enjoy having friends or other wizards that have access to The White Pyramid in the center of Cenote, to join me, since I have been pretty much off guard since Young Morganthe in Ghost Avalon.

Anyway, I stopped today perched on the sigil for The White Pyramid to purify the King's Necklace retrieved in the Deepest Mines quest and was wondering if I will have more than one fight to deal with before the boss, or if it is like The Empty House, where you enter and then start fighting.

Please help me with The White Pyramid,
Timothy Pearlflower (Ice Archmage, Level 82) sitting on the sigil for The White Pyramid in Cenote