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ponce de gibon

Nov 15, 2010
I have fought this guy 3 times and won but it comes up with i still have to fight him if someone could help driving me nuts as it is the only quest i have left

Nov 22, 2009
im haveing same trouble,also with stone collection from cnote same thing!!! glitch maybe?i took screen shot of aftermath with him gone,2 minions still roaming so we killed them too still dident finish the quest have to redo,idk thanks~smoke

Jan 04, 2010
Me and another random dude fought him, the random guy got what he needed and I got to watch my arrow tell me to fight Ponce....am....NOT...happy..

when this happens is it just better to report to KI and have them go back through their records and see you indeed fought him, give me my goods and move on?

Apr 08, 2011
i am really upset. i fought ponce de gibon 3 times and it says i still have to defeat him. What is going on kingsisle? Is this a weird glitch or something? Did Morganthe ruin the game? Please help this problem. Its happen with a lot of people. It is also very annoying.

Feb 25, 2009
Fireworks645, you may want to contact support for help with this. I did not have any problems with him but I also soloed him. I am guessing you have run into some sort of glitch that is not affecting everyone. It is as if the system did not register your wizard being there.