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Pampero Spirits Need to be Easier...

Sep 12, 2009
Usually, I would never have trouble with these monsters back then. But now, they're a pain to fight.

In Alto Alto, there are these water elementals that you fight, and you need to fight 5. This is how they attack:

1. They would storm lord or sirens --- causing you to lose blades, or get stunned before/after you blade. Sometimes, they'd tempest, which I don't have an issue with.
2. They blade up before their next attack. Or sometimes, they tempest. (Again, not an issue)
3. (This is the part that really messes people up.) The Pampero Spirits enfeeble you as soon you have around 3 blades! Usually I could kill them by now, but instead, they get rid of all of your blades, then you need to start over with blading.
4. After a few more rounds, they enfeeble again, and the enfeeble cycle...never...stops...

KI, please fix this. Usually, I'm fine if they use levy or sirens, but come on, enfeeble?

Jan 18, 2010
I don't remember them having Enfeeble though, the only time a mob used that on me was a storm boss in KH! (Chrysalis)