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new world coming, can't finish azteca

Jul 09, 2012
Not real sure what help KI can offer but I am getting very nervous. I started playing last year and have had no trouble either soloing or finding groups for difficult dungeons. I am a Death wizard and quite honestly I have found little difficulty in completing the game solo up until now...at the doorstep of Azteca. Have been a few instances I have grouped either for convenience or necessity but generally have found no difficulty in progression through worlds. I have experienced the same grouping and drop-odds everyone else has with the popular loot dungeons ( notably Waterworks and Aquila) but there's consistently enough folks around to at least make a run at it.

Not so with Xibalba...at least yet. Since I started so late, I have been very focused on getting to current level content and I'm finally (almost) there and its very disappointing to log in over and over to no one EVER coming to Xibalba sigils. Yes, my play time is limited...but it hasn't been a problem up until now. I am very worried the new world is going to come out and I won't be able to go. I have most every thing I want from Aquila, the means to get the pet I want, all spells I want and crafting at max...I just need this one dungeon...and there isn't any help around. I suppose I will start soloing and if youtube is to be believed, its possible...but wow, it would be so much easier with other players.

Before the "make friends" comments start, I will say I am an older adult ( I was introduced to the game by my kids- who have lost interest by the way for the same reason, difficulty advancing...only 1 computer in home) and I just feel funny socializing too much, as a rule I take no friend requests but will run with folks hanging around. I won't change this policy. Given the dynamics involved, I think its prudent I keep mostly to myself. However, I still want to advance...especially with a new world not too far away.

I don't know why I'm posting or what can be done, but its very frustrating. Will completion of Azteca be necessary for entering the new world? I don't care for any piece of loot out of Xibalba, I just want to be able to advance and I will keep trying...but what if no one comes? Thoughts? I certainly won't continue if I am unable to advance. Any plans to ease up on Xibalba difficulty or make an alternate entry (to next world) quest or will Azteca completion be required?

Great game but this is very frustrating and its no slam on KI, not their fault that no one wants to do Xibalba...well, except that maybe the loot is so underwhelming. I have played many MMOs and this is the first with such an 'interesting' loot distribution scheme. I appreciate any feedback. Despite the tone of my post I very much enjoy the game and look forward to advancing into the next storyline...its been a great ride so far.

Digby Ravenward

Mar 12, 2010
I am in the same situation. My highest wizard is sitting in Zafaria at Mirror Lake. I have friends who have offered to help, but I'm not sure I want to continue. I've heard that it only gets more difficult from there on. For now, I have started a few new wizards and gone back to the beginning of the game, where I had fun.

I'm not sure if you are interested, but this is a link to one of the fansites that has groups of players who volunteer to help with difficult areas like this:


Best of luck.

Feb 07, 2011
I agree with this.

I am in my mid-20s. I started off as a solo player, though I met some great people (fellow adults, mostly) in the past year or so. Unfortunately, most of them have moved onto other games for the same reasons you listed~ I'm on my third wizard (the other 2 are max level) and the upper tiers of Azteca may well be a ghost town; it's been ages since I spotted another player during my travels.

None of my wizards have reached Xibalba yet. I usually stop questing as soon as they hit the level cap and move to another character~ one of my friends who (for now) still plays has offered to help when I get there, but I have no idea if or not she'll still be around when that happens. We're both adults; ergo we both have offline commitments: relationships, work, family (mine is out-of-province, but she has kids)... Neither one of us has time for a 6-hour dungeon, unless we schedule it in advance. I'm sure we aren't the only ones to run into this.

People with lots of friends or crowns (for henchmen) will tell you to just use those. But there is another thread in the Ravenwood Commons forum called "Anti-Solo Game", on which many of us have already echoed your sentiment~ if you feel so inclined, have a look and let us know your thoughts!

Like you, I also enjoy the game, and I certainly hope that KI will either 1) reduce the difficulty a bit, or 2) at least create a viable alternative for solo players to complete Azteca. The past 3 years have certainly been a slice, and it would be a shame to give it all up because it's just too much for one little wizard to do alone.

-Laura S.

90 and
and the rest.

Aug 18, 2011
I suggest you visit fan sites to connect with other players in the same situation. On Wizard101 Central (which is linked from this site) there is a forum for quest help and meetups. There are also assistance groups who can help you. Best of luck!

Jun 10, 2012
I wouldn't worry. Once the new world comes out, and the level cap is raised, all the level 90s who have been sitting on the sidelines mid-Azteca will start questing again and there will be a rush of people needing to get through Xibalba. My sorcerer will be one of them.

Mar 15, 2012
older adult here too, hope to finish Xibalba soon (have not managed to get through Tartarus, but then I couldn't find anyone to go in with, unlike yourself!), currently stuck in the latter part of Azteca, having lost the Azteca thread (no more quests coming up for some reason), and eventually seeking partners to finish with. If you haven't found anyone yet, I'd be glad to--that is, if I can catch up to you and you can let me know what your preferred time slot is.

Sep 11, 2012
I most definitely agree with you, mamawiz79, because I really want to finish Azteca, but there is no one around the Xibalba dungeon sigils at all. It is very frustrating, because I really, really want to finish Azteca. I really want to organize a group here, such as meeting up.

Please respond if anyone has the same problem, wants to meet up and finish this world.

Jordan Firewielder
(Yes my name is mis-named. I'm really death, not fire.)

May 06, 2009
Azteca (and Avalon) are being made easier with the Update of Khrysalis. Heath points have been dropped and pips starts are that of Zafaria's (3 pips), bosses are same, but start with 5 pips. Essentially though, it is being made easier than what it is now. I can not speak for collect quests, but I would guess possibly. Maybe give the test realm a try of only Azteca's newly lowered challenges to see for yourself (no new content is being added within Azteca or Avalon so you will not find any spoilers for those who prefer to wait for new worlds to become live).

Feb 26, 2012
I sympathize with this post. I did Xibalba to the last battle, spending a lot on henchmen because there was no one else to help me, only to be defeated after over three hours of work. And it was work, it was not fun.

I did try Xibalba once already in the test realm, and did not resort to henchmen, and was beaten in the first battle. Yes, the minions had less pips, but there were still three of them plus a boss. And that is the first and easiest fight of the dungeon. So even with the updates, I am not that hopeful.

Main quest dungeons should be made so that people are able to solo them -- the number of opponents set to be in proportion to the number of people entering the dungeon. I'm not saying they have to be easy. but they should not be insanely hard either!

I'm very tempted not to even bother with trying to go further in the game, but that thought really saddens me. This game has been so much fun. I wish they would just stop trying to ramp it up harder, thereby ruining it.

Nov 26, 2011
I too started playing this game with my son. He stopped and I kept going. My main wizard is also death but I was able to meet up with one other person to finish the final dungeon in Azteca a while ago. I am currently in test realm playing with shadow magic. So being death I too have been able to solo most of the game. My main strategy is blade up and trap a target till I am just about to die then hit them with a powerful drain to kill and regain health. Rince and repeat. Sometimes you die and have to come back to the dungeon but most of the time the minions that you kill won't return which make it easier to finish the battle. Just mark your location right ouside the dungeon so you cant port quickly. Sorry if this is an obvious question but do you switch realms while waiting in front of the dungeon. It took me a long time to realize that I could switch to more or les crowded realms. Well good luck. I am sure once test to live the will be a rush of people trying to finish Azteca to get to the next world. And dont feel weird about adding friends to your list. Most of the players at higher levels are adults anyway.

Feb 10, 2011
I totally agree with you Finnigan.
For some reason Kingsisle is trying to compete with hardcore games like wow,and lotro,etc.
Which is nothing but a shame,because that is not the reason I started playing this game in 08'
(this not my original account),to the original poster and anyone else that wishes to befriend me,
I am an adult in my late 30's,my brother who never plays anymore is in his late 40's.
Our children stopped playing long ago,I got my niece to play with me this month after over 3 years of trying.
she is in krok and hooked,but said uncle I am Not doing celestia!
I told her we could just level up her other wizards,and she agreed at least for now.

I stopped playing in azteca somewhere after alto alto I think,its where you get to use a hook line to go from one place to the next,so not sure how much help I can be.

Mar 29, 2011
I feel the same way with my other wizard. Problem is he is a theurgist, therefore; he is weaker in attack. My suggestion is to find some people to help you out or meet me in the commons, realm pixie at about 10:30 pm.
However; I hope you do not have to completely finish Azteca to get into KS, cause that would be rank.

Jul 10, 2009
I agree 100% with you.

I first started noticing the decrease in people questing in DragonSpyre. I was, however, lucky enough to do Celestia with the first push of people through. In Zafaria, I did the entire world with my brother. He, however abandoned me after the Wild in Avalon. I was courteous enough to wait for about two months, but in that time, virtually everyone had complete Avalon. I got a bit of Azteca in before everyone finished but now have found myself in the same situation.

I know that you said you have limited time to play, but I've found that playing on the weekends greatly increases your chance of finding people on the same quest. The one thing that surprised me is how willing people are to wait for you. I had to redo both the Moon Pyramid and another boss, and the people I was questing with redid it with me.

I also know you said that you don't make friends, but adding likewise people might make things easier.

Haley MoonHeart, Promethan Thaumagture

Jul 16, 2011
I had gotten very lucky. I tried asking all my Promethean friends if they could help. Either none was on or they couldn't help. So I had been waiting at the xibalba sigil for about 10 minutes. Then I got lucky and someone came who was death. However I HAD to go to my friends batmitsvah party in about 2 hours. So I got worried right before facing morganthes dark servant (The Undying Malistaire). I had about 45 minutes left. Right before my dad had pounced on me like I was a mouse and he was a cat I defeated him. I got a suspension but it ends tomorrow.

If I were you I would ask all my promo friends and if they can't do it right then, schedule a time when they can. Or you could just keep switching realms.

That's my story,
Michael- Promethean