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New lvl 68 Death spell too weak?

Jul 28, 2009
I've noticed the power of all the schools and what really bugs me, is that Avenging Fossil's power, it seems a bit too weak compared to others. 850-950 on a single person then a 200 overtime damage on all, that's a bit weak towards me, I think you could at least add a bit more power to it. Anyone else agree, disagree? Why?

Feb 29, 2012
Well I don't have the spell yet, but it seems that the spell is kind of backwards in terms of how most people usually fight. Most people take down the minions first, and this spell seems to be made for hitting the boss first.
I have noticed that the hitting power of death's spells seems to have dropped off about mid Avalon. You can buff them, but since Levi and Quake are commonplace, it becomes a much bigger hassle to do so.

Nov 23, 2009
I am a fire wizard, but I do agree with you. Ithink that 950-1050 would be more suitable

Mar 18, 2010
I disagree. That's certainly high enough and I like the spell myself. That's 1,000 or over 1,000 not to mention boosts. You can do a lot with spells if you boost them. Plus, it wasn't meant to be the only thing in your deck.
--Ashley Deathflame, Balance, Level 59 Grandmaster

Jun 14, 2009
Speaking of the Death school, is there anyone who would be nice enough to hatch a bone dragon with me? I want one for my level 12 Death, and I've been looking in the pet hatchery for almost a week now

Terri Dragonflame ~ Level 19 Fire
Kaitlyn Swiftfountain ~ Level 64 Storm
Saffron Legendcaller ~ Level 9 Myth
Rachel Ravensong ~ Level 10 Ice
Angela Dragonthief ~ Level 25 Balance
Rachel Ravenheart ~ Level 12 Death

Nov 23, 2009
But do remember this death spell is not like some of the others

Luke Mythflame lvl. 84 Pyromancer