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Mob battles

Mar 16, 2009
This is directed to kingsisle in general. Lately, since I've been playing in Azteca, I've noticed that I keep getting sucked into battles with mobs that I am no where near. I can even be in a "safe" area in the grass/marsh/whatever else and I still get sucked into the battles. I promise that this is not due to my getting too close to a creature, I am much farther away than I am when I'm actually trying to start a battle. A few friend of mine have had the same problems. This is getting really annoying, especially when it occurs with creatures I don't need to fight because it is just an unnecessary battle and a waste of time. I am also tired of fleeing the battles because I have to collect mana and then get back to where I was in the game. If you guys could look into this issue, it would be greatly appreciated!
--Emma Nightstalker, Level 84 Pyromancer

Sep 17, 2012
It's most likely an issue of lag. You think you aren't near them when the server thinks you are. It's no different than the way you sometimes collect wisps that are seemingly nowhere near you. It's because your display is showing stuff a few seconds later that when it happens.