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Lvl 88 Spell Quest (Death)

Jan 29, 2012
I tried doing the lvl 88 Spell quest for Avenging Fossil and found out its REALLY HARD. I know these are supposed to be challenging, and that people have already done it, but this ridiculous. You have two ice minions that are constantly using tower shield and stunning, and then a myth boss who also stuns.

Apr 01, 2011
I can't remember exactly what I did to win the battle, but I do remember a few things that may help you:
1. Learn the stun block spell from Diego
2.Use your new minion, it can be good for drawing away enemy attacks for a few rounds
3. Shields
4. Put feints on the two minions if you can, then use scarecrow or wraith until they're dead
5. If #4 fails, use Dr. Von's Monster on the minions instead
6. Get shatter treasure cards just in case the minions, or boss, get too many shields
7. Add your fairy spell to your deck
8. Make sure you're first in the battle!
9. Watch out for earthquake while your trying to kill the minions
10. Add reshuffle to either your deck or treasure card deck
11. Keep trying if you die. If you die too much or get too upset, wait a day or two and try again

I hope this helps you!

Rebecca Bright Level 90
Miranda Shadowflame Level 90
Sabrina Emeraldblossom Level 85
Victoria Roseblood Level 82
Diana Moonflower Level 77
Christina Goldenheart Level 71

Mar 26, 2013
Rebecca Bright is right (that rhymed). I yave a few adjustments: I would use satyr instead of pixie and be second or third if with your friends because they'll get hit more. Better them than you! (In the spell case)

Jan 25, 2010
This quest boss actually killed me a few times but I kept trying until I eventually won. First I got a bunch of block and resist to myth before going in this battle and I put conviction on right away. Kept it up until the minions were dead and then I just spammed von's monster on the myth and I won. Oh and I had wands for the tower shields and hit whenever there were no tower shields. If you still cant beat him after this consider getting a bunch of fairy, sanctuary, and satyr treasure cards, and use the life mastery amulet. Using a life wand would also deal with the life dispel part of the myth imp life and death dispels. Hope this helped!

Ryan Duskspear Level 90 Death