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life wand for lvl 85 and where to get it?

Oct 24, 2010
Hey guys I just finished azteca and i was wonder has anyone gotten lvl 85 life wand? and where you got it?

Sep 10, 2011
if you are talking about the level 85 crafted wand, its on top of floating mountains where the ice caps are named Isla Nevadas. The wand and deck vendors name is Temple Guard Guaman Skyfall. The wand is Green Venom of Mother Snake with 25% crit / 61% crit block / +1 pip and 5 mega rage life wand spells. Besides agave nectar and turqoise, its the first time i saw Gnomes TC, vines and braided vines needed in crafting.

May 07, 2011
I found a Life School Level 85 wand in Xibalba (2nd or 3rd boss in there) called: Green Maize Quintessence Wand. The stats are (4) Mega-Rage cards @ 135 Life Damage, +1 power pip, +3% pierce, +55 block, +30 critical.

I did a cursory web search for a link to this item, but didn't find one. Sorry. Anyhow, that's the stats and where to find it. Good Luck!