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Level 90 balance spell?

Nov 18, 2010
I haven't played for a while and don't remember where the level 90 balance school is or if there even is one. Is there a level 90 balance spell and where can i find it please.

Oct 13, 2009
You do not get any spells at level 90.
The closest balance spells to level 90 are:

Level 88 - Sabertooth - 1000-1100 obtained by leveling up to 88, talk to Alhazred to get the quest (You need to have the pervious spells obtained).

Beginning of Khrysalis - King Artorius - 725, +10%to nextspell, and -40% to next outgoingspell to target. Which you automatically get when you talk to Ambrose upon starting Khrysalis.

Esmee Cloud ~ Promethean Diviner

Nov 18, 2010
Thank you for your response, but I have never even heard of the Khrysalis is it fairly new ? I did not play Wizard101 for quite a while and just came back a couple of weeks ago. Ambrose has not called me to his office, is there a prerequisite event or quest giver to prompt this from him? I guess I will go visit him and see if he says anything about it. Thank you again for the information.