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Level 88/89 Moon School Quest?

Nov 13, 2009
Today I got my wizard to level 90, and a friend was asking for my help with a trainer quest. This got me wondering, why haven't I gotten the moon trainer quest yet? I finished the sun and star trainer quests, so...what's happened?

I did some looking around on this forum and others, and some people have also been having trouble with getting this quest. I have already finished the two quests that are mandatory for receiving the moon trainer quest ("Turn Up The Sun" and "In My Eyes"), and have gotten to Tierra de Brea. I've also checked my quests, and none of them tell me to go see Zaylin Reedwalker.

I was just wondering if anyone else has been having this problem, or if I just overlooked something simple...I have a habit of doing that. Thanks! :)

-Alia Swifthunter, Promethean Pyromancer