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Level 88 ice spell damage

Jan 12, 2009
The damage of the ice spell is so much lower than all the other spells. As well we haven't had an all enemy since snow angel and that wasn't very strong. I think we should have a spell that attacks all like the fire level 88 spell. Please can you try and change it like you changed the supercharge storm spell. It would make the game much better and more enjoyable for more people.

May 16, 2009
Eh, i think you are just underestimating ice. Snow angel actually works pretty well for me: In an azteca boss fight, I buff up angel to take out the minion. It does about 8,000 damage without having school advantage (fire, death)
By the time angel ends, i\I have most of my buffs up again and finish off with a mammoth.

I am only level 81 so I dont have Lord of the Winter, but I have seen plenty of thaumaturges do some good damage with it

I dont think we ice wizards have a right to complain:
-Death wizards have scarecrow (with only 400 base dmg)
-Myth wizards best AoE is humongofrog

I honestly think these 2 schools need AoE spells the most


--Blaze Icecloud, Level 81 Thaumaturge --

Oct 22, 2011
It would be nice to have an attack all spell, but Lord of Winter is a powerful ally in the Azteca boss fights. With a few well placed traps and blades, I've hit from about 30,000 to 444,689 (yes, I remember the last number).

I do prefer Frost Giant over Snow Angel on some occasions, but when buffed, Snow Angel can do pretty massive damage.