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Level 84 Star Spell Quest: A Guide for Life

Mar 21, 2010
Hello Wizard101! I know all of you Wizards love to get new spells, especially the astral spell in Azteca. Yes, I was really siked also, until I had to face the infamous Black Sky. His health is around 18k, while his minions are around 2.6k. The boss is myth, (WHY, WHY, WHY?) and the minions are fire. He is a very annoying boss, though it took me one try to kill him. In this guide, you will know how to kill him, what to put in your deck, and sideboard! Lets get started, shall we?

This is what you should put in your sideboard.
- 3 Myth TC. (Or in your main deck)
- 3 Tower Shield TC. (Or in your main deck)
- 1 Stun Block TC. (Or in your main deck)
- Tri-Blade of your School. (And in your main deck preferably, both can stack)
- One Reshuffle. (Or in your main deck)

All of these TC are buyable in the Bazaar.


This is what you should put in your main deck.
-2 Dryad.
-2 Fairy.
-1 Satyr.
-1 Amplify.
-1 Forest Lord.
-1 Gnomes.
-2 Life Blades
-2 Life traps
-2 Feints
-2 Tri-Blades
-2 Strong, Colossal, Gargantuan, etc.


- First off, try and go first in this battle. If you go second, leave, and come back again. Keep trying that until you get to be first. You don't want at the last minute, you are about to attack and he earthquakes you.
- Take those Stun Shields out of your sideboard, and cast them ASAP. Black Sky will immediately Basilisk or Medusa you right in the first round.
- Blade up with your life blade, and tri-blade, then cast an enchanted Forest Lord. It will immediately kill those minions.
- Congratulations! It is now a regular 1v1 with you and the boss. Now that his heavy spells are gone, you can now take out your shields! Don't worry about stun ones, he won't do them anymore, unless it is once in a blue moon. Use all Myth/Tower Shields before blading up.
- Use any necessary healing spells.
- Start to blade up as much as you can, and trapping the boss with any trap you want, even if not mentioned in here.
- Watch out! He can Earthquake! Just to be safe, use Black Mantle before he gets to 6 pips.
- Use enchanted Gnomes!


84 Wizard.

This is what you should put in your main deck.