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Level 84 Star School spells

Aug 22, 2009
KaneNightweaver on Dec 3, 2012 wrote:
i agree with the option of letting life school have a choice. my wife and i have been playing this for quite some time now and she will occasionally get upset that her life spell attacks are weak. but shes an awesome healer and i think that if life wizards want more damage they deserve to have a choice between a heal or a damage spell. personally i'm storm school and i love the fact we get more damage but i really think storm should get more resist instead from this new spell. ill admit i have become used to being the heavy hitter of the group. and since my wife is life school i don't really have to worry about more resist, cause she keeps us alive by healing us. me and her are currently working on Azteca. just me and her are tearing through this new world with ease. all she does is heal while i dish out the damage and occasionally she'll hit with gnomest or forest lord. and i have to say i've seen her hit pretty hard. and shes LIFE SCHOOL. so those of you who are complaining that your life attacks are weak obviously aren't playing your cards right. cause my wife is life school and shes an awesome healer and can deal some heavy damage too. im currently level 84 storm and she's level 85 life. it's all about playing your cards right people. it's not that hard.
Good point.

Mar 26, 2011
the star quest is nearly impossible for Fire wizards and Thunder three on one what is that only schools with good blockage and resist can handle this I mean i just got the quest and it is hard to stay alive and set up a strong enough rain of fire or dragon to knock out the spawns and then i have to make an even stronger efreet and again stay alive long enough to pull this off that is Bs and the boss always gets to go first.

Jun 19, 2011
I am a life wizard and I solo through the spiral because I play when I choose just to relax.
For me it is a healthy pastime ( I also play with my daughter when she needs help).
Only a few (notable) exceptions cannot be soloed, other wise I have made it 84 by solo.
I find it a challenge to get through alone as a life wizard ( win in a timely manner, enough
damage to win, keeping alive outnumbered 2, 3, even 4 to one).
The lack of life damage boosts at level 84 will either heighten the challenge
or comparatively weaken the life wizard so much we can only be the healer.
I really don't know how this will affect game play for my class of wizard.
Can anyone tell me about their experience so far?