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Level 50, then stop.

May 17, 2009
I will probably be getting fingers wagged at me for this but in my opinion, the game was only fun in the Malistaire Arch and maybe ZF. Now before you exit this out, I reccomed you read the whole thing. I am in Azteca and hate the fact that it is not very enjoyable. It is more of a chore than entertainment. I had fun and enjoyed the first few worlds, but in the last few worlds the entertainment level has dropped down. I am not stunned by the upping of skill and gameplay level, but how much time you spend on a certain area is not that great. I am alright with the difficulty of the world, since it seems like one of the last in the Morganthe Arch.The gamer who doesn't play every second of the day, will not enjoy this world. However the more focused gamers seem to like higher effort worlds like Azteca. But getting back to my main point, I have decided to go no higher than Dragonspyre and its final dungeon. It is no longer fun in worlds like Azteca. I used to be an intense gamer, I finished WC-MS on my ice in about a week and a half, by myself. On my Ice, I didn't have any friends really and decided to go fast. I have a wizard in Azteca and I do not enjoy the world. Though the rewards such as high level and good gear are nice to have, but it is not worth it due to the high work rate and long battles. All of the time and effort you put into a world is worth more than 10 levels and a new spell. I still love this game, but it is not as enjoyable as it used to be. I am going to finish my life wizard (who is in CL) and get him to the end of ZF. As for my wizard in Azteca , I am going to leave for a rainy day. The rest of my wizards I am only going to complete up to the end of DS. I understand that I am lazy and that I am not going to experience the newer worlds, but in my opinion, its not worth it.

Feb 29, 2012
I would say that for me, the fun stopped in ZF. I was so excited to hit legendary and run waterworks. Then when I did get the gear, the game was great.
In AV, my gear was showing its age, and none of the gear that you could get was really better. It had the block you needed, but gave up so many other attributes.
Now near the end of AV and I do not really want to quest anymore. It is long and arduous. You have the rare instance where you can be defeated (jabberwok), but for the most part the battles are long and tedious.
My lower level wizards will probably make it to legendary but will not go past ZF.
As it is now I merely train pets, hatch and farm for gold.